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The Ramakrishna Math Baghbazar provides opportunities for the public to cooperate with the organization in carrying out various types of work chalked out by Swami Vivekananda for serving humanity. This cooperation may consist in active participation in the activities of the Math, or in the contribution to the different Funds of the Ramakrishna Math through Online Donation. Admirers and devotees, who are in sympathy with the objects of the organization but are unable to take part in our activities, are cordially invited to help us by contributing to one or more of the Funds, which need their active support. Donations to the Ramakrishna Math are exempt from income tax under Section 80G of the IT Act, 1961 vide Order No. DIT (E)/848/8E/109/69-70 dated 12-01-2009 (valid for perpetuity).

Ramakrishna Math | Online Donation
Sister Nivedita Memorial Fund
Udbodhan General Fund
Sri Sri Mayer Seva
Ramakrishna Math | Online Donation
Swami Saradananda Memorial Fund
Swami Trigunatitananda Memorial Fund
Swami Virajananda Memorial Fund
Swami Shankarananda Memorial Fund
Swami Madhavananda Memorial Fund
Swami Vireswarananda Memorial Fund
Swami Nirvanananda Memorial Fund
Swami Abhayananda Memorial Fund
Swami Kailashananda Memorial Fund
Swami Gambhirananda Memorial Fund
Swami Bhuteshananda Memorial Fund
Swami Ranganathananda Memorial Fund
Swami Gahanananda Memorial Fund

Incase of online donation 5% (Approx.) will deducted from donation amount for Tax & Processing Fees.