Udbodhan Today

With an increase in the number of devotees, there arose a need for a new building. To solve this problem a piece of land very near the Mother’s House (only 200 feet) was purchased when Swami Jnanatmananda was the head of the Udbodhan (during 1958 – 1967). Later, a four-storey building was constructed on this piece of land and the Udbodhan Office was shifted there.

The building was constructed in phases under different Presidents of the Udbodhan. Swami Nityaswarupananda (during 1967 – 1968) started the work, Swami Viswashrayananda (during 1973 – 1978) finished the building up to the third storey, and i.e. the major portion of the work was done during his time. Swami Hiranmayananda (during 1979 – 1981) completed the top floor.

The ground floor of this building houses the offices, the President’s office, sales room, godown for the books, dispatch section, accounts office; the first floor has the offices for the Udbodhan magazine and proof-reading room and an auditorium dedicated to Swami Saradananda. Lectures and classes are conducted in this hall. The second floor houses the editorial office of the Udbodhan, residence of the editor. There is also a public library. The third floor is used exclusively as monks’ quarters.