Medical Dispensary

Ma Sarada Databya Chikitsalaya

Regular Doctors: It will not be an exaggeration to say that almost all the better known doctors practicing in the Kolkata region once been part of our team. During the period under consideration the discipline wise number in the Board of Honors was as follows: General Physicians -12, Pediatric Surgeon- 3, Gynecologists- 1, Homeopathy Doctor-5, and Ayurvedic Doctor-1.

Medical Store: Whoever visited our Medical store, from where free patients are issued medicines and other items, always appreciated the working and maintenance of the department. Everything is up to date here. We had purchased at wholesale rate Rs. 1, 40,220/- worth medicines for free distribution. Only good quality genuine medicines are bought in this department.

The Medical Dispensary: It comprises of 22 doctors (including Homeopathic, Allopathic and Ayurvedic), 2 attendants and 6 volunteers provided medical services in the sub-urban areas of Kolkata six days a week covering five locations. A total of 76,086 patients (including 2040 Homeo & 6921 Allopathic patients) received free consultation & medicines against 9,462 patients last year. All the patients were given 6 days medicines at a time free of cost.

Mobile Medical Van: To ensure equity and accessibility, the mobile clinic will make routine and on-demand visits to several under privilege areas. In addition, the clinic will also play an educating role by promoting awareness of health issues in the communities. By directly visiting numerous locations in affected communities and providing free medical check-ups, basic treatment and medicines the clinic will improve the welfare.